Change Is In the Air

Change Is In the Air

It seems likely, and makes some sense
That a starved face tastes raw power
And mistakes discontent with full consent
As he spouts from some ivory tower
Ah, but times do change and fashion fades
Bread, circuses and butter have a price
Doublespeak now banned joins the ivory trade
Wishful isn’t saddled, wouldn’t that be nice
Sorry doesn’t settle, even if sincere
It seems likely, and makes some sense
Change is in the air

poem by Tony Anony

empty pink closet (image) by Jordan Orleans

poems and images do not necessarily correspond to one another.

image derived from digital reproduction (see gallery page) of acrylic oncanvas painting (see originals page). once painted, the image is digitally photographed and reproduced for web and print.all images available on apparel and merchandise through LoveArt’s shop (see shop page for link to shop).

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