Genetic Code

Genetic Code

For now and a while
Only to prove identity
Let us talk a little more
Tell each in so few words
Rediscover our prestige
State fully famous claim
Understand how we must
Perish on the battleground
Each of us warring, born
To war, waiting for life
To take to be taken
For now and a while
Let us talk a little more
We shall become peaceful
When death conquers us

poem by Tony Anony

pink and black flag (image) by Jordan Orleans

poem and image do not necessarily correspond to one another

image derived from digital reproduction (see gallery page) of acrylic on canvas painting (see originals page). once painted, the image is digitally photographed and reproduced for web and print.all images available on apparel and merchandise through LoveArt’s shop (see shop page for link to shop).

all images available as limited editions. to view limited editions, please click on any image on the gallery page.

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