Ignore Me At Your Peril (part one)

Ignore Me At Your Peril (part one)

Dismiss with my concern
Somewhat highhanded you could be
Responsible for tragedy
Ignore me at your peril
I am passing out the pleasure
Suffering toward destiny
Please don’t make a sudden move
Don’t count on distance toward the dawn
Repeat some empty phrase
Listen as I give away your share
Try to act like you can’t hear
Say when I tell you it’s over I don’t care
You ignore me at your peril
Dismiss with my concern
Highhanded somewhat you could be
Responsible for tragedy

poem by Tony Anony

pink soul mates (image) by Jordan Orleans

poem and image do not necessarily correspond to one another

image derived from digital reproduction (see gallery page) of acrylic on canvas painting (see originals page). once painted, the image is digitally photographed and reproduced for web and print.all images available on apparel and merchandise through LoveArt’s shop (see shop page for link to shop).

all images available as limited editions. to view limited editions, please click on any image on the gallery page.

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