Secularism (part two)

I’m a bottom up person, with my approach to God.
What that means is my approach to God is through people. And, not from the top down, and what I think to be heavy handed role, that organized religion plays, in approaching God. What I have found with this is that top down people seem to have a kind of disregard for people, thinking that God will make everything alright, in their end, if they put God out in front. In addition, what I found is that top down people, in their disregard for people, are abusive to others. This disregard leads to everything from general dishonesty  to wars. And, many of the top downers are almost psychopathic in their behavior, thinking what they’re doing is ok, or that some kind of means justifies an end. Top down is insidious to me. And, if you treat people properly, God will take good care of you, I believe.  So, humanism is also a form of religion. Maybe that’s why Tony Anony says:  you’re my religion?

steak hyperbola (image) by Jordan Orleans

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