To My Gritty Boy

To My Gritty Boy

Bag it all what a notion
To pacify the mind
Of a thousand choices
Flight is best put it in
Your carry on and climb
Far away escape the trouble
Of our times, bag it all
Wraps up the worried mind
A silk cocoon soft yet strong
Put to the test flight is best
Of a thousand choices every time
To ease a stressed out mind

John did Bag One and had it done
We’re all stars let it shine
It ain’t no crime to bag it all
To pacify the mind
Bring peace onto the troubles
Of our time, wrap it up
You’ve give enough, bag it all
And pacify the mind

poem by Tony Anony

pink linear regression in love (image) by Jordan Orleans

poems and images do not necessarily correspond to one another.

image derived from digital reproduction (see gallery page) of acrylic oncanvas painting (see originals page). once painted, the image is digitally photographed and reproduced for web and print.all images available on apparel and merchandise through LoveArt’s shop (see shop page for link to shop).

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