Rovin’ Eye Sticky Hand

Rovin’ Eye Sticky Hand

Rovin’ eye sticky hand
Pigs would understand
Cost my job lost the woman
I’m something less than human
That missing part of me
Didn’t listen to the message
When they played Let It Be
Rovin’ eye sticky hand
With a crooked smile
I’ll tell you more than
You want to know when
You ask me how I am
Rovin’ eye sticky hand
My vaguely vast ambition
Can’t fit love in the plan
One day I’ll have enough
To leave it all behind
Rovin’ eye sticky hand
Long ago I went astray
What fit me best was wrong
Take and make my getaway
I quit trying to get along
Rovin’ eye sticky hand
There’s no rehabilitating me
I’m hooked on that thrill
It picks me where it lets me off
And I’ll do it all again
Rovin’ eye sticky hand
Wanting beautiful and precious
Latest object of desire
To be mine and mine alone
Just connects with me.

poem by Tony Anony

rose (image) by Jordan Orleans

poem does not necessarily correspond to image

image derived from digital reproduction (see gallery page) of acrylic on canvas painting (see originals page). once painted, the image is digitally photographed and reproduced for web and print.

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